Vancouver Eastside School Catchments

Vancouver students living on the city’s east side attend schools within the large Vancouver School District.  Ontario Street divides the city’s east from its west side, with a larger number of working-class neighbourhoods with older homes feeding into the schools located on the eastern side.  However, the area also includes a number of up-and-coming neighbourhoods, with newly constructed single-family homes and townhomes feeding into the district.

In all, the Vancouver School District is made up of around 29,000 elementary-age students and 26,000 secondary students.  While students attending the schools speak a number of languages other than English, the district does include some French Immersion programs, plus Mandarin classes for students to take.  Close to Downtown Vancouver, the neighbourhoods with local schools feeding into the Vancouver School District are traditionally multicultural and urban.  

There are more than 90 elementary schools, 16 elementary annexes and 18 secondary schools within the vast urban district.  As well, there are a total of seven adult education centres.  Full-day kindergarten is available for students living within the Vancouver School District.

As for higher education, Vancouver Community College’s King Edward Campus is also located in East Vancouver, easily convenient for older students to pursue additional educational opportunities.