Home Selling System

When you're ready to take the next step toward selling your home, we're here to help. Our proven and repeatable system, backed by market research gets homes SOLD!

Our Expertise

By understanding you and your goals we will be able to establish target dates and manage the sale for you.  Allow our past experiences and our expert knowledge of the market be an edge for you.

We know that there are many factors that can influence a sale and we do a lot more work than just creating a CMA to determine your price.  We evaluate any outside threats that could effect your value positively or negatively.  We look at the current market trends, the absorption rates and we understand the law of supply and demand. This allows us to position your home to sell in any market and to sell for up to 3-5% more money!

Our Differentiation

How will your home or property be different and stand out amongst the crowd?  What are some of the things you can do?  Are there any improvements that can be made? How will we interact with Buyers and leave a lasting impression?  Those are just some of the questions we will review and answer to optimize your sales price.  

To assist us, we have professional stagers and designers that specialize in getting homes ready to sell.  We can look at any quality of life upgrades that could be made. A pre-inspection can also be done to identify any issues that could jeopardize the sale.  

Differentiation that drives consumer preference can help sell your home for up to 18.6% more money!

Our Exposure

To attract the buyer that is willing to pay the most money... we allocate our marketing budget across market research proven areas that expose your homes benefits.  Our customized marketing plan is tailored to reach the most relevant and qualified real estate buyers through online, social media, mobile, print and traditional marketing. 

Our commitment to quality and extraordinary marketing has allowed us to be the only real estate company in Canada to deliver over 506 million annual online impressions in an era where close to 90% of home buyers are using the Internet in their real estate search.

Quite simply... we do more to market and expose your home than any other real estate company.  Our proven marketing strategy will help you sell for up to 3 to 5% more money!

Our Cooperation

Up to 71% of homes are sold by co-op agents.  We target these agents to increase your homes visibility in the marketplace.  We also look at ways to leverage the commission and implement various marketing strategies to increase our showing activity.

When supply is much higher than demand we have Buyer incentive strategies to helps us sell.

By having a marketing strategy that focuses on attracting co-operating agents we are able to sell your home for up to 3 to 5% more money!

Our Buyer Acquisition

With systems in place for all of the marketing we implement, we are able to track all buyer activity and send immediate responses to any of the buyers interested in your home.  We then monitor and track those buyers by using our automated follow-up system and cutting edge technology.

We also target the largest pool of potential Buyers by understanding our MLS system.  We identify which group would be a fit for your home.   We then market to that group and follow their selling activity.  When they sell their home we are notified and continually follow up with them to arrange for them to see your home.  They are very motivated buyers and are ready to buy.

By having a system for attracting qualified buyers we are able to sell 95.8% of our listings!

Our Negotiating Ability

The art of negotiation is a power tool that most real estate agents don't possess.  We know that 80% of your negotiation starts before you get the offer and with our preemptive negotiation strategies, we are able to generate higher offers. 

We control our positioning, we get our homes pre-inspected to avoid deals falling apart and, we use straight line negotiation methods along with a peace treaty mind-set to get all parties on the same page.

When we have numerous showings and no offers we use a Reverse Offer strategy to engage buyers that are "on the fence" and get an offer going.

By having a strong negotiation strategy we are able to sell our listings for 98.5% of their list price which is an additional $11,379 per home sold!

Our Execution

By having a Market Research Team, a Pre-Listing Team, a Marketing Team and an in-house Closing Team... our trained professionals are able to ensure a smooth and successful transaction!

For most of us, our home is our biggest investment. So when it's time to sell, get the value and the results you deserve!

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