About Tony

I am so grateful to be born and raised here in our beautiful city of Vancouver and to call West Vancouver home for my family and me!  It's such a privilege to be able to help people achieve their goals.  I love what I do and am excited to share my in-depth knowledge and experiences with you.

I started helping people with real estate back in 1998, and the reason I wanted to help was so my clients could gain control of their living accommodations.  In high school, I remember having to move out of our family home.  It was not because the house was too small or we wanted a change. It was because the house was sold. We didn't own our home then, so we had no control regarding staying or in any of the decision-making processes for selling that home.

I quickly realized that the only way to control your living accommodations fully is to own your home.  Once you own your own home, YOU are the one that can decide to sell or not to sell or, to make a move or not make a move.

Real estate is an asset that will always appreciate over time!  This appreciation can help create opportunities where you can upgrade your home and your lifestyle and even fund your retirement.  It provides a sense of achievement and control in your life and can be enjoyed by your family, friends and loved ones.

Buying and selling real estate is what I have been doing and will continue to do.  With my personal experiences along with my professional ones... I can help you achieve your goal of home ownership and guide you thru the home buying process.  I treat every client as if they are my only client, regardless of property type or price.

I also ensure that when it comes time to sell, we look at every way we can achieve the highest sales price and make the whole selling process smooth and easy for you!  We will create a plan, help handle all of the fine details for you and execute our plan to perfection so that we get you the results you deserve.

I look forward to the opportunity!

Tony Cikes