Newspaper Advertising

 Local Newspapers

 Reach buyers through top local publications including the Globe & Mail Toronto,
 Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald and Sing Tao Daily.


 The Wall Street Journal

 Connect with the WSJ's affluent global audience of 3.5 million readers across the U.S.,
 Europe and Asia.


 The New York Times
 Home Section

 Target over 2.6 million of the most
 influential decision makers in the U.S. and
 around the world.

 Bloomberg Markets

 Target 1.1 million members of the global
 financial elite, including Bloomberg
 Terminal subscribers and financial industry

 International Herald Tribune

 Reach an affluent readership of over
 607,000 in Asia, the Middle East, North
 Africa and the Americas.

 Financial Times

 Showcase your home to over 1.3 million
 upscale readers around the globe.

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